Myers-Galloway Counseling

The Challenge

Since its inception in 2016, Montina-Myers Galloway's therapy practice, Montina Myers-Galloway Therapy, has been thriving. As Montina plans to hire an additional therapist and treat the practice as an independent entity, she faces a brand challenge. The current brand and website predominantly spotlight Montina, not capturing the full array of services provided. As she aims to elevate the business, the focus needs to shift from just her to the collective strength of the newly formulated team. Moreover, Montina envisions two distinct brands: one for her therapy practice and another for her personal brand catering to speaking engagements and other individual projects.

Our Approach

Understanding Montina's objectives, we crafted distinct logos and websites, encapsulating the essence of both her therapy practice and personal brand. Working closely with Montina, we also developed brand-aligned content that seamlessly melded with her overarching brand vision. These revitalized brand elements were strategized to distinctly position her therapy practice and personal brand, ensuring clarity for her varied target audiences.

The Outcome

The dual-branding strategy proved successful. Montina's therapy practice witnessed a broader reach and enhanced recognition, emphasizing the team's combined expertise. Simultaneously, her personal brand flourished, drawing distinct audiences for her speaking engagements and personal endeavors, all while maintaining a cohesive brand narrative.

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